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Simple and Free Class Rewards
posted by: Melissa | October 17, 2017, 04:57 PM   

We would all like to believe that our students are self-motivated learners, that they will behave nicely in class, do all of their homework, study hard for tests, and participate in discussions because they love learning, school, and most importantly, us! In reality, though, this is not the case. Especially early on in school, students are highly motivated by external factors. Students will work harder when offered a reward than they will just on their own.

Buying rewards for students can add up. Older students are not likely to be impressed by the same cheap trinkets that motivate younger students. With younger students, too, even those cheap trinkets, bought in bulk from some place like Oriental Trading Company or a dollar store, can end up costing.

Fortunately, sometimes the best rewards are the ones that don’t cost us anything. Check out our master list of free and simple classroom rewards below!

  • No homework pass
  • Skip Bell Ringer/Morning Work/Exit Pass/etc.
  • Extra points on quiz/assignment
  • Drop lowest homework/quiz grade
  • 1 free yes/no question during quiz/test
  • Positive note home to parents
  • Certificate of achievement/improvement
  • “Student of the Day” award
  • Name read on morning announcements
  • Writes name on “Excellent Student” banner/poster
  • Photocopies coloring/activity pages
  • Gets to wear “Class Genius” medal/crown/etc.
  • 15 minute computer time
  • Gets to sit in the teacher’s chair
  • Allowed to sit on top of desk
  • Gets to bring a pillow/stuffed animal
  • Gets to have class pillow/stuffed animal at desk
  • Can listen to music during work assignment
  • Gets to draw in class
  • Gets to draw on whiteboard
  • Gets to pack up early
  • Charge cellphone in class pass
  • Free admission to school game/dance/activity
  • Have gum/drink/snack at desk
  • Gets to wear hat/untuck shirt/dress down for day
  • Gets to take off shoes for class period
  • Allowed to eat lunch in classroom instead of cafeteria
  • Get out of study hall pass
  • Gets to work with a friend
  • Gets to tell a joke to the class
  • Allowed to designate class animal/tree/flower/nickname/etc.
  • Pick their own partner/group
  • Pick their own seat
  • Pick GoNoodle activity (or similar)
  • Assistant teacher
  • Gets to read to class
  • Gets to lead checking an assignment
  • First in lunch line

How do you motivate your students?

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